Trailer: Season 2 begins on Sept. 5

Season 2 small ball.png

Every young baseball player dreams of playing in the major leagues, but even the best players find out quickly that it takes a lot more than dreaming to get there. It takes talent, of course, but also an incredible amount of patience, hard work and good health -- not to mention luck.

Welcome to Season 2 of the Razed Sports podcast (listen to trailer below), in which host Bob Harkins goes deep into the minor leagues to follow one such hopeful, a hard-throwing pitcher with a most unique story. He'll endure long bus trips and short paychecks, he'll battle the aches and pains of the long season, and he'll constantly tinker with his game, working to adjust to the increasingly tough competition, to improve, to get noticed, to get promoted.

How does he stay grounded when things are going well? How does he stay calm when the luck turns bad? Follow along as he tries to prove he has what it takes, all while learning lessons on how to deal with the successes and failures that come with playing America's pastime, not to mention the curveballs of life itself.

Episode 1 drops Sept. 5.

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