Ep. 6: ‘Cannabis saved my life’



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After 109 games spent banging heads in the NFL, offensive lineman Kyle Turley came away with a host of health issues, including symptoms of CTE and a diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

He also ended up with an addiction to the prescription pain medications that team doctors so freely handed out, an addiction he could not beat no matter how hard he tried.

(NOTE: This is a problem that Grant Feasel, the subject of our first episode, also struggled with).

Turley says that things turned around when he discovered cannabis, which not only helped him kick his addiction but also helped him overcome depression and suicidal thoughts — the same sort of battles that Junior Seau and several other former football players have been unable to overcome.

“For 20 years I was addicted to pharmaceuticals, since 1996 at San Diego State when I blew out my knee for the first time,” Turley told Razed Sports. “… And they all made me high, and they all made me stupid and they all tried to kill me. I was in desperate need of relief and cannabis saved my life.”

Turley is the founder of Neuro XPF, a company that sells CBD products, including oils, creams, drinks and other THC-free items (THC is the part of cannabis that makes you high).

Listen to our story on Kyle Turley below:

Episode credits:

— Reported and written by Erick Galindo.
— Edited and produced by Bob Harkins.

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